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ACIS smart home project in House’s Mr.Hai – Gia Lai

There are times when we rush to work or suddenly there is a problem that you forget to turn off the power, air conditioner or TV … ACIS Smarthome was born with the purpose of helping people do these things without need to bother or think what. Wherever you are, […]
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ACIS Smarthome solution for office, company at Thien Ung company

ACIS Smarthome solution not only provides the features of a smart home but also integrates safety control, electrical protection and automatic back up power for homes. Therefore, the application of these solutions for the office system, the company is also very appropriate. >>> See more: ACIS smart home project for Mr. […]
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ACIS smart home project for Mr. Tuan – Gia Lai office building

Smart office is the trend is the owner is directed. Think about it, what makes employees forget about themselves everyday, what makes them good at their jobs? Smart Office can be the solution to the whole problem. A smart, modern office will certainly create a professional working environment to help […]
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Control lighting system from ACIS Smarthome with Mr.Tam project – Gia Lai

After researching on smart home technology to bring our customers the best quality products, ACIS has launched a new generation of switches that completely replace the classic switches that we use. How many years – Touch switch wall Smart Switch. Nice house to go with the beautiful and smart equipment […]
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ACIS Smart Home present at House’s Mr. Hien – Ms. Minh

The whole system of the house of the couple Hien – Minh Minh (Tran Hung Dao – Pleiku – Gia Lai) was installed ACIS intelligent electrical equipment. This system allows you to control all lighting, temperature, lighting, environment and security equipment throughout the home with ease. >>> See more: ACIS […]
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ACIS Easycontrol solution at House’s Tram – Gia Lai

Starting to emerge at technology shows in recent years, smart houses are gradually becoming a new design trend and increasingly used by Vietnamese consumers for works from houses, villas, buildings to urban areas, offices, pubs … >>> See more: Talk about the work of the ACIS smart home worker On the […]
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ACIS Intelligent Power System at House ‘s Uncle Man – Gia Lai

Today, the development of technology has given people many different solutions to make their home more intelligent. Intelligent lighting system solution is one of them. Knowing the lighting system is an important factor in the beauty of a building and consumes more than 60% of its electricity. ACIS Smarthome has […]
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ACIS smart project in house’s Tuan – Gia Lai

After a period of intensive research on smart home appliances, ACIS JSC has launched the new Smart Switch family of smart touch sensors with extremely smart features. The design of the Smart Aluminum Monolithic Switch looks very sophisticated, modern, to fit all architectural spaces. >>> See more: ACIS Smart Home project […]
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ACIS smart home solution at Them Xua Tea Shop

At a time when coffee shops, teahouses and small beverages grow like mushrooms after the rain, opening a tea shop to attract customers is not easy. The more difficult the customer is, the more you want to attract them, the better the menu is. You need more than that, from […]
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ACIS Smarthome solution for project of Mr. Hoang Hien – Gia Lai

Knowing the ACIS smart home when working with a partner, also wanted to install smart home for corporate office but he wanted to try this utility for his house first.Initially Mr. Hien intended to install only in areas where the family used as much space as the living room and […]
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ACIS Smart Home at the office of Mr. Bao – HCM City

You have a beautiful home but do not know the smart home system, you regret not knowing Smarthome sooner to install. Most people think that a house available very difficult. To make it a smarter, more luxurious home. But in fact, with SmartHome ACIS solution, this is no longer a […]
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ACIS smart home project at Mr Thinh villa – Binh Duong

Intelligent house ACIS has finished processing software, hardware and garden at Thinh – Di An – Binh Duong. Mr. Thinh after inquiring to 10 units of smart home decided to choose ACIS Smart House where he sent and devoted all the service use for his villa. >>> See more: ACIS Smarthome […]
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