About ACIS Smarthome

About ACIS

Starting from the student of the University of Technology HCM, with the passion and ideal of "reaching out Vietnamese technology" in order to improve the quality of life.

After 11 years of research, with the desire to conquer, ACIS Technology Corporation was established in 2012. We are one of the first units to orient and deploy smart home to customers in Vietnam market. Acis successfully commercialized the EasyControl solution which integrates breakthrough technologies and thus allows the construction of a "smart home" to be extremely simple at a reasonable cost that anyone can afford to invest.

The EasyControl solution applies 100% of technology developed by ACIS with simple construction and installation methods, unlimited expansion and flexible compatibility with most devices in the market. This product has created a revolution in the trend of the Smart Home in Ho Chi Minh city. Within less than 1 year of implementation, ACIS has received positive feedbacks from the market with the application for more than 100 constructions.

With a simple manipulation of replacing the current switch positions in your house with our devices without needs to add any wires or gouge anywhere, we can turn your house into a comprehensively smart home.

We always put the goal of social development as the foundation for the company's operation. With a team of experienced, enthusiastic and passionate staff, ACIS Technology JSC is making every effort to bring the Vietnamese the best technological products and solutions as per the international quality standards.

With the advantage of technological mastery and independent production, in combination with the maintenance services ensuring the maximum benefits for users, ASIC is committed to bringing our customers 3 greatest values:


We are proud to be the pioneer in the field of designing and manufacturing the equipment related to the "Smart Solution and Automatic Control" to serve human life, from people's daily lives to industry or community activities.

Vision: exploring Viet technological potentials and bringing the Vietnam technology abreast with the global technology powers such as Europe, America, Japan, Korea.

Pursuing value: "Talent convergence - Social development". This will be the place to attract and develop Viet technological talents, nurturing human resources to serve the goal of developing the national Science and Technology.


ACIS is proud of being an enterprise specializing in the technological research-development and commercial production by entirely 100% of the brain resources of Vietnamese experts, electronic and IT engineers.

We are proud of ACIS Smarthome products with the brand "Made in Vietnam", getting confidence in competing fairly with the world's leading brands in all aspects, from technology, engineering, cost, to construction, promotion, maintenance.

As a pioneer in successfully researching and producing solutions to controlling smart electricity, ACIS completely possess technology mastery to offer optimized costs which are unlimitedly compatible with the purpose of widely applying for social development.

ACIS is the only company in Vietnam and Southeast Asia market that provides the easily integrated solutions for all existing projects, turning an ordinary home into a house with the automatic and intelligent control system applied for every scale of construction.

In this sector in Vietnam, we are honored to be the sole company that is supported to operate in HCM City Hi-Tech Zone, participating in counseling and supporting high-tech projects at Saigon Hi-Tech Park Incubation Center (SHTPIC) with the social development goal of "Modernizing Urban areas in Vietnam" and the target of "Security Management, Safety and National Energy Conservation".

ACIS's solutions and products have achieved the "reliable products" certificate, "Certificate of quality" and "Patent" granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property.

Best quality – Best service – Most reasonable cost

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