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What does the security monitoring system of ACIS SmartHome do?

Every customer who comes to the ACIS smart home has questions that need to be answered before deciding whether to install the service or not. The family of Dang Hien, too, his family’s villa is located on Le Thanh Ton Street – Ho Chi Minh City. Pleiku – Gia Lai […]
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ACIS SmartHome at the villa of Mr. Luong – Gia Lai

Desire to have a perfect home for the family, Mr. Luong contacted ACIS SmartHome when the villa is in the process of finishing. The amount of investment is very carefully for his villa, from the entrance area to interior furniture are paid attention. >>> See also: ACIS smart home project at […]
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ACIS Smart Home project at the villa of Ms Hao – Mr Thanh

Mr. Thanh’s house is located on Phan Chu Trinh street. Pleiku – Gia Lai. The exterior of the villa is designed not too majestic but the interior is extremely eye-catching and luxurious. The villa is quite spacious and has a private karaoke room for the family, designed not just another […]
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ACIS SmartHome project at the house of Mr. Nguyen – Vung Tau

You often have to worry about your house or leave home forgot to turn off the electrical appliances, air conditioning or forget to close the window … but do not know how to do because can not go to work to run home to check Check. Now, you can be […]
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ACIS smart home project at the house of Mr. Hoang Minh – Gia Lai

More than 80% of Vietnamese men still think that cooking, cleaning and caring for their children are women, which is a false thought. Many men share that they do not think so but do not subordinate wife to work because of too busy work or wife does not hire the […]
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The ACIS smart electric project at Nem Ninh Hoa store – Gia Lai

In the past, smart homes were for the wealthy, and now you can go anywhere you can find a smart home or even a casual convenience store. be home smart. With the desire to give Vietnamese people the most convenient, smart home ACIS has researched and launched SmartHome products to […]
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ACIS smart home solution at Villa’s Mr. Lap – Gia Lai

The owner of the ACIS smart home project in Gia Lai extremely wealthy. Just look at the design of this work we also understand enough to play the host. The building is designed in classical style, this design style originated from Europe, showing luxury, superficial and artistic. Textures in classic […]

ACIS Smart House project at the villa project Ms. Luong – Ben Tre

The house of Mrs. Luong’s family (Ben Tre) is designed in modern style. Luong’s villa is one of the first villas to install ACIS Smarthome solution. After being advised by ACIS JSC’s experts and trying the solution of intelligent house Ms Luong saw the real usefulness that it brought to […]

ACIS Smarthome project at Villa’s Mr Nhan – Trung Son residential area

Mr. Nhan’s family villa is located in Trung Son Residential Area (Binh Hung, Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City) designed in a completely modern style. He is an incredibly loving father, with only one of his son’s unspoken questions, immediately contacted ACIS Smarthome to give his son a surprise gift. […]

ACIS smart home project at the Villa’s Mr Hai – Quang Tri Province

Imagine, in the morning, the whole family is awakened at the appointed time with their favorite music, the bedroom lights gradually light up, the curtains open, the water heater is turned on. To live in such a smart home, everything is set up and life becomes easier, most people want […]
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ACIS smart home project at the couple Mr. Tinh – Gia Lai

“Before installing the ACIS smart home solution, my husband and I were very anxious, even though we knew it was still scary, it took a lot of time to break walls, chisel walls and make things look bad. However, when installation is too fast, too dangerous, “said Tinh – a […]
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ACIS Smart Home system for housing project Mr. Quang – Gia Lai Province

People are living in another era before, the economy has grown up with many innovative technologies that make human life easier. Over the last few years, great technological advances have made our homes overwhelmed by high-tech equipment. In simplistic terms, these technology solutions allow homeowners to control their homes via […]
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