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ACIS Project in Villa’s Mr.Minh – Gia Lai

Located in the mansion area closely together what makes him most worried Minh is the problem of stealing often happens by the thieves often targeted at the rich. The problem of money theft is not likely to be big, but the implications are the safety of family members. >>> See […]
Công trình biệt thự nhà thông minh cao cấp của Tùng gia lai

Villa’s Mr.Tung – Gia Lai

It is said that Mr. Tung is a mountain-runner who is not wrong, his apartment is one of the apartments installed the first ACIS smart home solution in Gia Lai. Even the furniture used in his house, Mr. Tung is meticulously selected. Contemporary, luxurious furniture plus stone dragon sculpture adds […]
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Villa’s Mr Phong – Gia Lai

Villa’s Mr Phong  Dinh Chinh st, Pleiku, Gia Lai Thanh Son Co,ltd
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Villa’s Ms Thao – Gia Lai

Villa’s Ms Thao – Pleiku-Gia Lai Thanh Son Co,Ltd
Đánh giá review nhà phố thông minh tại hcm

Villa’s Mr Khanh Dist 2,HCM – Smarthome ACIS

Think about the question of why you need smart home (smart home), need them to simplify your life? Life of people nowadays have too many things to pay attention, to busy. People today have to handle a large amount of information many times the man of the last century. The […]
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Villa’s Mr.Duong 2 District,HCM – Smarthome ACIS

The villa is located in Thao Dien Q2 – Ho Chi Minh City with a total floor area of ​​1000m2, modern designed, fully equipment including housing area, garden, landscape, pool … Is a successful businessman, the owner is very interested and focused in selecting and investing in advanced technology and […]

Villa’s Mr Dung – HCM

The homeowner is a successful businessman Vietnam, have passion of technology and frequently on business trips abroad, so he has conditions to learn, reference and experience the smart solutions by manufacturers world from wired systems, to wireless systems …, when it comes to the smart solutions ACIS  Homeowners have exciting […]
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Villa Vinh Thanh – Gia Lai

Smarthome Acis JSC project at Gia Lai of successful business man with Vinh Thanh gold shop system. Buildings are designed by the neoclassical style, neoclassical originating  interior design style from Europe, showing the elegance, decorated giving superficial sense to owner, warmth and artistic. Natural neoclassical décor form is often posted […]
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Villa’s Mr Xuan Binh Tan Dist,HCM – Smarthome ACIS

Mr Xuân villas at Binh Tan District – HCM. Be adviced about the benefits of smart home ACIS bring to each member of the family, Homeowners see the practical utility gives family life and decided to install in some areas before where families often use as a living room and […]
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Villa’s Mr Phuong – Gia Lai

With a smart house, Home owners will no longer have to worry freak. Just glance through the screen of his smartphone, Homeowners always quick to fully grasp the situation at home, easy to communicate and control appliance by all connected together in one system of smart ACIS. More over, they […]
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Villa’s An Vien – Nha Trang

Everyday, things that homeowners used most I can be sure that it is not the smartphone, or tablet or laptop due to his work purpose. And to simplify your life , homeowner completely could be used smartphone, tablet or laptop to control appliances automatically in your house with smart home […]
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Villa’s Ms Vân – Gia Lai

Investor: Ms Van Address: Pleiku- Gia lai. Design and construction: Thanh Sơn JSC
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