Villa’s Mr.Tung – Gia Lai

Villa's Mr.Tung - Gia Lai 2

It is said that Mr. Tung is a mountain-runner who is not wrong, his apartment is one of the apartments installed the first ACIS smart home solution in Gia Lai. Even the furniture used in his house, Mr. Tung is meticulously selected. Contemporary, luxurious furniture plus stone dragon sculpture adds to the prestige of the apartment.

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The apartment with white paint background, with the character and lifestyle of Mr. Tung, smart home ACIS has the solution that best suits his apartment. ACIS RE-monolith black wall-mounted touch panel display is a luxury, powerful, easy-to-use solution with Easycontrol smart home solution.

Mr. Tung is most interested in the “context” settings on the touch panel RE and the ability to set the calendar, timer. Being one of the first smart apartments in Gia Lai, Tung is very excited to show his friends about this modern technology. With the “reception” context, a simple touch of the lighting system, the automatic TV pops up, the automatic curtain pulls out, and the self-adjusting radiator.

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Mr. Tung said, “I work in the field of furniture, furniture, there are days you want to go through the exchange business. When I stepped into the house and saw that I did not control anything, all the equipment was working automatically. He liked to ask me how to do it. I have “done” to introduce him to ACIS smart home solution and let him experience a circle around my house, he also love.

The durability and stability of the ACIS smart home solution is guaranteed by a 3-year limited warranty with “innovation” mode, 24/7 technical support, so customers can be assured of choice ACIS.

Investor: Mr. Tung
Address: Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street – Pleiku City – Gia Lai
Construction – installation: Thanh Son Company
Hotline: 0593.600441 – 0935 535 969 (Mr.Son)

Van Pham

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