Villa’s Mr.Duong 2 District,HCM – Smarthome ACIS

Villa’s Mr Dung – HCM
Villa’s Mr Khanh Dist 2,HCM – Smarthome ACIS

The villa is located in Thao Dien Q2 – Ho Chi Minh City with a total floor area of ​​1000m2, modern designed, fully equipment including housing area, garden, landscape, pool … Is a successful businessman, the owner is very interested and focused in selecting and investing in advanced technology and equipment to create a space for family living ideal, and safety and luxury.

Elegant, class:

To “harmonize” with the overall design of the villas, homeowners require set of furniture and electrical equipment in the house must be exuding elegance, class and comfort. When being consulted installing smart home solution package of ACIS, homeowners find out carefully all information about solution features, design models, source quality components … and really convinced by luxurious style, and premium features Vietnam, where the ACIS brings.

  1. Diversify channels directly controlled from the switch through touch, indirectly through remote and remote control via smart phones, tablets and computers with internet connection.
  2. Synchronously operating under the program, context and schedules. For example, when goes to sleep the system automatically shut down the lights and the device does not need, beside turn on air conditioning at the same time open to the desired temperature adjustment.

3 – Control of the house whenever wherever through the smart phone, iPad, tablet or computer.

Smarthome devices ACIS towards everyone with simplicity and easy of use for the purpose anyone can understand and control electrical devices with easily.

Easy monitoring and control via phone, tablet interface software 3D real picture of the house.

Although busy with running the business, but because being business man, he is technology enthusiasts homeowner, has always wanted to explore the new features to serve your family’s life. Therefore, he decided to invest smart home solution package for the entire system ACIS lights, stair lights, air conditioners, water heaters, curtains … With this package, homeowners can easily monitor, control, and coordinate context install multiple devices or device timer for automatic operation, the timer triggered the context of daily living, such as out of context, balcony lights , garden at 6pm, automatic watering at 5am ….

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