Villa’s Mr Khanh Dist 2,HCM – Smarthome ACIS

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Think about the question of why you need smart home (smart home), need them to simplify your life? Life of people nowadays have too many things to pay attention, to busy. People today have to handle a large amount of information many times the man of the last century. The explosion of information and technology book us into the whirlpool of the worries. You need to prioritize your important work, such as child care, travel, career development, or implementation bao..vv nostalgic … So for the actions of daily living in the house, you need them to be automated, simplified to help you save time, and above all less preoccupied mind for us, so mind you do things you deem important. With legal scrabble Easy Home smart home, the stories of ACIS JSC “Lost” or “Not Me” is solved because you easily control the electrical appliances in the house all the time, everywhere.

Employers beautiful mansion, Mr Khánh. A family with young children, wanted a cool space, spacious and bring nature into the home.

Exquisite modern design blend with nature. dining table area is set between space, simple interior design, providing gentle, warm and modern, sun, wind, trees and water as natural air to bring the feeling cool and fresh new living space. Spacious courtyard so children can play comfortably.

The homeowner initially quite reluctant to be consulted on the smart solutions ACIS. After consultation, the owner quite satisfied because when construction and installation of smart home solutions ACIS very simple and convenient, is not new wiring, or wall chiseled anything. Interface and control software of simple ACIS real image of the house, feeling like you are in your house so. The driver only needs to touch the image you want to control the device, and is extremely simple to set up. Control software is very convenient, simple to use for both the elderly and young children and to be able to use the remote to control, too. This solution allows homeowners to easily control the electrical appliances in the house on a mobile phone or tablet – everytime everywhere!

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