Villa’s Mr.Ngoan District 3, HCM City – ACIS Smart House

Villa's Mr.Ngoan District 3, HCM City - ACIS Smart House 2

Although the villa is very wide, but Ngoan’s family has never hired him because Dung – his wife Ngoan very hard, do not want to have strangers in the house. Since his family welcomed the new member, Ms. Dung has forgotten, the morning before going to work preparing meals for her husband and children and then send the child to go to work to the day she has forgotten The electricity has been forgotten even when the kitchen utensils.

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“Since my wife My wife is easy to forget, I have to work early so it is not controlled. Some days ago the electricity was not turned off, the air conditioner was still on, the stove was hot, the electric rice cooker was very dangerous. At present, no serious problem occurs just the monthly electricity bill increased too much, I worry for so long will be easy to cause problems such as fire danger is very dangerous, “Ngoan share.

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Ngoan also added: “On a business trip in Danang I have the opportunity to visit the apartment of the customer in The Monarchy and know about smart home technology ACIS introduced by the customer. I try to experience and find it very suitable for my family. After that, I decided to use the ACIS smart home solution right away. There are many useful features, but the first convenience with my family is that the whole family can control the electrical system, electronic devices in the home remotely through the interface on the phone. . As a result, the electricity bill is not as high as before, the equipment is in safe mode of failure that difficult to cause fire.

The benefits that the ACIS smart home brings to the consumer are all about eliminating the worries of traditional electrical systems that are currently in existence: dangerous, difficult to control, wasteful, inconvenient and lacking in modernity. Above all, contributing to creating a comfortable, modern and safe life for customers is a top priority.

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