The ACIS smart electric project at Nem Ninh Hoa store – Gia Lai

ACIS smart home solution at Villa’s Mr. Lap – Gia Lai
ACIS smart home project at the house of Mr. Hoang Minh – Gia Lai

In the past, smart homes were for the wealthy, and now you can go anywhere you can find a smart home or even a casual convenience store. be home smart.

With the desire to give Vietnamese people the most convenient, smart home ACIS has researched and launched SmartHome products to meet the needs of modern life. In addition to the villas, townhouses, office buildings, restaurants and convenience stores ACIS are ready to serve.

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Ms. Chi is designed very simple. She does not know much about the technology but loves the new design, elegance and great features of the next generation touch switch from the ACIS Smart House.

The space of Nem Ninh Hoa shop is designed like many other stores, every detail is not too sophisticated, so installing Smart Switch switches does not take much time.

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Ms. Chia shared, “Busy work, there are crowded guests until midnight. Clean up after you are tired too tired, have to go each switch to turn off the lights are very time consuming and lazy, afraid to go. Using the Smart Switch is both beautiful and luxurious, very convenient. Just set the context right on the switch and press a light emitting is not necessary to go to each place to test again. For example, I set up the “welcome guests” context just once the lighting system automatically pops up, the “off the scene” lighting system automatically switches off. It is a very useful solution. “

Investor: Ms. Chi
Address: 20A Quang Trung Street – Pleiku City – Gia Lai.
Executed: Tan Anh Son Company.
Hotline: 0593.600441 – 0935 535 969 (Mr.Son)

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