ACIS Smart House project at the villa project Ms. Luong – Ben Tre

ACIS smart home solution at house’s Mr. Vu – Nha Trang
ACIS smart home solution at Villa’s Mr. Lap – Gia Lai

The house of Mrs. Luong’s family (Ben Tre) is designed in modern style. Luong’s villa is one of the first villas to install ACIS Smarthome solution. After being advised by ACIS JSC’s experts and trying the solution of intelligent house Ms Luong saw the real usefulness that it brought to her family and decided to install all ACIS Smarthome.

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On the Smarthome market in Vietnam there are many business units in the Smarthome sector, of which ACIS Smarthome is a unit that many people mentioned. What is the difference between smart houses? Let the smart home ACIS find out why customers choose this solution for their home.

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After experiencing the ACIS smart home, Ms. Luong happily shared, “Many times I go out and remember to forget the key, and forget to turn off the lights here and there. Especially, I sometimes forget to turn off the iron, the kitchen from time to time to smell the wire was hot but may not have any electricity shortage. Controlling my home with just a few touches on my smartphone makes me feel more secure. In addition, ACIS Smarthome products also incorporate functions such as timer, context setting for electrical appliances, which allow me to control life in a simple and scientific way. “

In addition, the durability and stability of the ACIS smart home solution is guaranteed by a 3-year limited warranty with “renewal”, 24/7 technical support so customers can be assured of peace of mind. When choosing ACIS.

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