Are ACIS SmartHome’s appliances costly compared to conventional electrical systems?

Are ACIS SmartHome's appliances costly compared to conventional electrical systems? 2

After attending the Vietbuild 2018 exhibition in Hanoi, Mr. Khanh has the opportunity to visit ACIS SmartHome (ACIS Thang Long) booth and know about this new intelligent home solution. After experimenting with smart home features through the devices on the board, Mr. Khanh was very excited. His villa is in progress so he wants to integrate more ACIS smart home solution for the villa but still wondering because there are many questions to answer.

Are ACIS SmartHome's appliances costly compared to conventional electrical systems? 3

Khanh said: “I see the deployment of ACIS SmartHome system need to install more control devices in the house. If so, is there a lot of power consumption compared to the power system? “.

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It is also a question of many customers, installing the intelligent home system ACIS not only does not consume extra power, but also help homeowners save power over conventional electricity. Because the ACIS SmartHome system uses sensors and intelligent scripting operations to optimize the performance of your home electrical appliances such as lighting, air conditioners, heating …

The system will only turn those devices on when you need them and automatically turn them off when you’re not using them. In addition, you can control electrical devices in the home remotely via a mobile phone, tablet PCs also help you minimize the power consumption when you forget to turn off the power or air conditioning when going out.

After answering questions, Khanh immediately decided to install all ACIS SmartHome solution for his family mansion. Khanh’s villa project is expected to be completed in August, 2015. Certainly, the ACIS Smart House will contribute to bringing Khanh’s family a modern, luxurious and intelligent living space.

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The equipment in the ACIS intelligent home system is warranted for 3 years from the date of acceptance and delivery of the system. After the warranty period, the company will apply maintenance policy for the works.

Address: TT6B Tay Nam Linh Dam Urban Area – Hoang Mai District – Ha Noi
Investor: Mr. Khanh
Category: Lighting, air conditioning, curtain, rolling door
Expected completion: August 2015
Executor: ACIS Thang Long Joint Stock Company.
Hotline: 093 228 25 66

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