ACIS Smarthome project at Villa’s Mr Nhan – Trung Son residential area

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Mr. Nhan’s family villa is located in Trung Son Residential Area (Binh Hung, Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City) designed in a completely modern style. He is an incredibly loving father, with only one of his son’s unspoken questions, immediately contacted ACIS Smarthome to give his son a surprise gift.

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“Once through my friend’s house, when my son said,” Daddy, Uncle Quang’s house has the magic father, I go to where the lights pop up, I just entered the house. The curtains pulled out, the lights went on and the television turned on. I do not know how to explain to children, next day I contacted the ACIS smart home to advise install intelligent home system for his mansion to create a surprise for his son, “said Nhan.

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His son Nhan saw this because the smart home system can connect all electronic devices in your home. All lighting systems, blinds, environmental controls, security, entertainment, dining … are connected, operated according to the set script, context and fully automatic. Homeowners can communicate with smart homes via smartphones, tablets, or work directly on touch panels that are designed as very modern wall-mounted switches.

The artificial intelligence system in the smart home can be said with the words “magic”, which seem to know “to understand” and always follow the wishes of his master. As a result, the quality of human life is improved, with new values. This is exactly what ACIS Smarthome wants to bring to customers.

Van Pham

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