ACIS Smart Home at the office of Mr. Bao – HCM City

ACIS Smart Home at the office of Mr. Bao - HCM City 2

You have a beautiful home but do not know the smart home system, you regret not knowing Smarthome sooner to install. Most people think that a house available very difficult. To make it a smarter, more luxurious home. But in fact, with SmartHome ACIS solution, this is no longer a difficult thing but it becomes extremely simple.

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ACIS Smart Home at the office of Mr. Bao - HCM City 3

Bao’s house is no exception. Seeing the family friends who also use the intelligent home system, see or too he Bao also want to install without knowing how to do so afraid to affect the current architecture of the house.

Thoughtfully investigated many SmartHome solutions in the market, through friends but Bao is still not satisfied with any unit until he contacted and experienced the solution smart home ACIS. After research, ACIS has selected the following solutions: SmartHome controls the entire lighting system with a variety of contexts, daily routine schedules, automatic remote opening via telephone or Remote. , the thief integrated with SmartHome to actively light in the dark and increase the safety of Mr. Bao’s house.

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The construction and installation of smart home solution Acis did not affect the original design of the villa Mr. Bao but also makes his house more luxurious, more classy but not forget to ensure the safety, simplicity, convenience when using as he wishes.

The trust of customers is the motivation for ACIS JSC to do better, further development, giving customers more choices.

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