The best video doorbell camera of 2020 2020

The best video doorbell camera of 2020

The best video doorbell camera of 2020 6
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The best video doorbell camera of 2020 7
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The best video doorbell camera of 2020 8

Are you looking for a new smart doorbell? Start here.

One relatively new smart home category is the video doorbell. Video doorbells closely overlap with standard home security cameras since they’re doorbells that come with built-in security cameras.

A video doorbell works by sending you a real-time alert on your phone with a live video look at whomever is ringing your buzzer; you will also hear a regular ol’ chime sound. A built-in microphone and speaker in the doorbell allows you to chat with your guest, and in some cases, the device will also work with smart locks so you can let the person in without physically opening the door yourself.

Most candidates for best video doorbell camera today are Wi-Fi-enabled and offer features such as a rechargeable battery, two-way communication, a video feed and recording, along with the traditional doorbell button. But the designs, video quality, video storage subscriptions and installation process for each doorbell cam can vary.

We’ve highlighted our favorite models below, and we’ve explained exactly how we test video doorbells. So if you’re looking for the best video doorbell, chances are it’s among those we’ve tested.

The best video doorbells we’ve tested

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