Instruction for software setting

  • The Netframe software 4.0: (Dowload)
  • Instruction for software setting on Windows (Dowload)
  • Net Netframe 4.0 or higher must be available on your computer; if not, you can download and install Netframe 4.0 (Some computers which may face Win errors - due to using Win Ghost or including viruses, thus when installed with Netframe 4.0, will not complete, and the Esmart software cannot work) When the Netframe 4.0 is fully installed, its capacity will be over 100Mb, while the capacity of this software installed on computers with Win errors will be only several tens of Mb. How to see the software and its capacity: Access start=>Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features (Win 7) or Start > Setting > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programe (Win XP)
  • The Internet connected to the computer (WiFi, 3G, ADSL) must be stable without necessarily high speed - just stable transmission. After downloading and installing the software, the icon of Esmart will appear on the desktop. If you use a portable version (the mobile version which runs without installation), then select Easycontroler.exe to start the software.
  • Instruction for software setting on iOS, Android (Dowload)
  • On your Android device, access Google Play, search the keyword "ACIS", the result will be shown as below, (For iOS, access the app store, search the keyword "Esmart")
  • In case the device cannot find the software (it means Google Play identifies that this software is not compatible with your device), you can directly install .apk file for your android device under the following link: Android and .ipa file for your iOS device under the following link: iOS
  • Instruction for web control for Easycontrol: (Dowload)
  • Steps 1: Direct click on the link : www.mce.acis.com.vn
  • Steps 2: Select the version of the solution you are using. If you accidentally choose another version of ACIS, please clear cookies and browser history, and then repeat this step.
  • Steps 3: Log in
  • Steps 4: Take control and close the web after use


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