Features Easycontrol Smarthome Solution


Cross control is simply the implementation of manipulations for controlling equipment that is out of view, or controlling electrical appliances at point B while standing at point A in the house. The operation is carried out by 2 ways: touch switch panel or remote. With a remote whose mode has been set (customized as desired), the manipulation for controlling electrical appliances such as televisions, air conditioners, fans, curtains ... become much quicker. For example: Before going upstairs, the homeowner can turn on lights on upper floors in advance from the ground floor, and after going upstairs, he can turn off equipment on the ground floor with only "one touch" into the script button "Ground Off ".


Remote control via smartphones, tablets and PCs connected to the internet (ADSL, WiFi, 3G) is a replacement control method for touch switch, remote and especially when the homeowner is not at home. Remote control via smart-phone, tablet and PC is the most important and prominent feature in the smart home system. Example: While working in the company or going away, homeowners can open a tablet to keep track of the house through the camera system, or to check the operational status of equipment and to control "On / Off" functions of electrical appliances as desired. You can also use your phone to open the door in case any family member forgets the key.



EasyControl solution easily sets schedules for all devices to operate under the time frame. It means the system controls the house automatically, which is based on the daily, weekly or monthly timetable, or the homeowner's routines. For example: provided that your children regularly play at home on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday, we can set the schedule to disconnect the electrical outlet in their room for more safety. For safety of electrical appliances, the sockets in the kitchen may also be scheduled to open only during cooking time and automatically turn off when they are not in use. Provided that the schedule of "watering" (or "gardening") is established, the water pumping system will activate automatically at 5pm to water plants as per time that homeowners set up (5 - 10 minutes). Provided that the schedule of "learning" is set from 8-10 pm, entertainment devices such as televisions will be turned off to serve for the purpose that the children voluntarily know the study time without parents' need to remind or scold them.


In daily life, there are innumerable contexts and situations that we frequently encounter. Two common forms of frequent contexts are routines (going to sleep, going out, shaving guests, cooking, having dinner or parties, entertaining, irrigating, ...) and weather (rain, sun, winter-summer, storm,...). Contextual control is the setting for electrical equipment to operate as per context that we encounter in life. For example: With the context of "Go out" (or "Go to work"), the homeowner will touch the context button "Go to work" located at the main gate; Accordingly, electrical appliances that are not in use such as lights , fan, air conditioner, TV or socket will be automatically turned "Off", while the anti-theft, fire alarm and defense systems will be turned "On". All manipulations are simply carried out by only "one touch" instead of a range of operations with each switch of various devices. With the context of "Go to sleep" while lying in bed, the owner just needs "one touch" in the control panel at the head of the bed; accordingly, unnecessary electrical appliances on the ground floor, in the kitchen and in the garden, along with television will be turned "Off" while bed lamps is "On", air conditioning will operate as per temperature set, and defense and anti-theft systems will be activated. With the context of "Rain", by only "one-touch", doors and curtains will automatically close, the skylight will shut and devices such as the irrigation system ... will be deactivated.

Features Smartswitch Products
Scene: No need for a central device; simply select the wanted channel directly in context, and the device will self-understand.

Two ways control: One touch to control all ON or all OFF.

Two ways linker: Same features as those of reversing switches but no need for connecting wire construction. Load just one of 2 switches and can be controlled from both the switches in the state of updating correctly.

Capacitive Touch: Total insulation with high AC voltage.

Remembering last status: Enable setup separate channel to remember the last status, device will automatically active the last status as same as before power. If not setup, default status is OFF.

Warning power grid incident: Backlight LED will flash to warn when the power grid is in danger ( noise, over voltage or under voltage). Load is isolated automatically in case power grid is out of control.

System upgrade and expansion: Easy to upgrade to smart home system or expand up to 200 smart switch devices.

Integrate communi-cation with remote: All smart switch is integrated with wireless communication and easy to use by ACIS remote. Enable to connect with any remote to control.

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