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What is ZigBee and What Devices Can it Work with Within the Smart Home?

Over the past few years, the smart home industry has grown exponentially. There is a gadget for almost anything you can think of – from air conditioning and cameras to lighting and so much more. Notably, too, there are numerous devices which seek to connect everything you own and make […]
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Smart Street Lighting Market Growth, Trends and Forecast (2020-2025)

The global smart street lighting market is expected to reach approximately USD 12,404 million by 2024 growing at a 22% CAGR over the forecast period 2018-2024. With its recently published study, “Smart Street Lighting Market: Trends & Forecasts: 2016-2022″, MRE predicts that Smart Street Lighting market will witness a huge two-fold growth […]

Acis smarthome – Safe and High quality solution

You have already seen something, heard something, your friends recommend it, but you still have doubts whether smart home is a solution for you. With Acis Smarthome, you can build your smart home on demand from small features – starting with the switch board and developed in the future according […]
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Vietnamese engineers announce success in developing smart street light system

NDO – Vietnamese engineers from the Saigon Hi-tech Park Incubation Centre (SHTP-IC) and the S3 Technology Corporation (STC) announced their latest results on developing the Smart Street light System (S3) on May 4. The system is developed based on STC’s project which won the first prize of the Internet of […]
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Smarthomes becoming more popular in Vietnam

Smarthomes first appeared in Vietnam 10 years ago, but have only become popular recently. Vu Thanh Nam from district 10, HCMC, bought a 2-bedroom apartment earlier this year. After making payment, he bought items, including smarthome devices, such as smart light switch; automatic curtain opening system; open/close door sensor; air […]
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