ACIS smart home solution at Mr.Hai’s Villa

ACIS smart home solution at Mr.Hai's Villa 2

Mr. Hai’s villa is located in Binh Thanh Dist. HCM is designed modern, some lines break the way of architecture to make the villa becomes more grand and majestic. With such a mansion without the appearance of smart home appliances, then there is a lack of merit.

Choosing the right product for his villa, Hai trusts ACIS JSC by more than 1000 actual works that ACIS has made. Although he has learned about smart home systems, he did not really understand ACIS’s EasyControl solution.

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The Easycontrol solution helps Hai integrate all of the individual units in the villa into a synchronized system that allows him to control all of the devices automatically according to the context he set up. such as going to bed, going out, or receiving guests …), allowing the observation and control of all electrical equipment in the home through the internet anywhere. The devices can also be automatically activated according to preset schedules or by environmental sensors.

ACIS smart home solution at Mr.Hai's Villa 3

The ACIS smart home solution also helps Hai easily control his villa at any time through smart phone, iPad, tablet or computer devices. ACIS smart home appliances are simple and easy to use so anyone can easily understand and control electrical appliances. Intuitive visuals with 3D interface, direct access to the device you want to control, like you are at home.

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Easycontrol smart home solution package with very convenient features. You can set different “contexts” or schedules to accommodate your family’s daily routine. Simple example will help you to visualize more, with the schedule “watering trees” is set, the system of sprinkling water sprinklers themselves to water the time that the owner installed. Context settings control multiple devices simultaneously (curtains, lighting, chandeliers, etc.) with just one touch on the touch panel or on the remote.

If Hai wants to change, adjust the operation of the device or create a new operating mode, the villa will remember and store these parameters to automatically serve in the next use.

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