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Villa’s Mr Phuong – Gia Lai
Villa Vinh Thanh – Gia Lai

Mr Xuân villas at Binh Tan District – HCM. Be adviced about the benefits of smart home ACIS bring to each member of the family, Homeowners see the practical utility gives family life and decided to install in some areas before where families often use as a living room and kitchen area. After the period of actual use, the landlord saw the benefits and necessities should have decided to invest in expanding its entire apartment.

  • Safety and energy, to create self-consciousness for children
  • Mr Xuan share, his wife combine work and housework and caring for children. Every morning I make breakfast for the family, prepare supplies and clothes for the children …, sometimes forget to turn off the cooking equipment or forget withdrew the iron after use. And usually that remind children of watching TV regulations and wake up the morning is very difficult.
  • After deploying the smart solution ACIS, his wife share, she felt complete peace of mind and the story of “Lost” or “Do not remember off the equipment after use” was no longer available, find more savings when receiving electricity bills months, the children are always protected safe and self-consciousness of the child is also improved.
  • With features called “context” means the daily activities of the family right on the table when the switch is very convenient to use at home, and when you go out, it was always in control of electrical devices indoors, if you had forgotten to shut down features for each device.
  • Some “context” of daily living to help you “understand” more about the value of smart home solutions ACIS bring.
  • With context “Out” (or “Go to work”), then the person will touch the contextual button “Go to work” is arranged at the main gate of the device immediately without the use of electricity as the electric light, fan , air conditioning, television, socket … automatically “Off”, while the anti-theft system, fire alarm, defenses will be activated to “On”. All operations simply by “one touch” instead of performing batch operations with each of these switches different devices.
  • Schedule your children play at home on Monday 3,5,7. We can set the schedule to disconnect the electric socket to a safer room. The kitchen socket may also be placed in the schedule open only cooking time frame and automatically turn off when not in use to help the electrical equipment safety.
  • Schedule “Learning” is set from 20h-22h, entertainment devices such as televisions, orchestra will goes off to serve the children voluntarily known study time and entered the desks that parents not reminding, scolding their child.
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