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The homeowner is a successful businessman Vietnam, have passion of technology and frequently on business trips abroad, so he has conditions to learn, reference and experience the smart solutions by manufacturers world from wired systems, to wireless systems …, when it comes to the smart solutions ACIS  Homeowners have exciting experiences, surprising and has to make a decision laying ACIS solutions for smart home for his beloved home.

  • Luxurious, safe and simple to use, installation.
  • ACIS understood house is enthusiastic of owner, where the public and the “reunion” of the family whenever the big occasion, so when designing interior , homeowners spend a lot of space living as a place for everyone. Selection of smart home products ACIS, especially homeowners expressed interest and peace of mind when using the touch switch products of ACIS is designed exquisite, bringing a modern touch to the just touch to turn on / off, even when wet hands, to ensure safety for children when used and even older people can use easily.
  • Beauty chic, modern touch panel ACIS switch is combined with the interior space and overall works bring a new lifestyle: luxury and modernity, between green space amenities, cleanliness and safety – A future lifestyle.

With passion, love technology, market assessment Homeowners smart home is a potential market in the future, and he has offered to cooperate smart home products business ACIS. Currently he is an important partner of the ACIS in making smart home solutions by research and production ACIS expanding overseas markets in the future.

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