Break-through Acis Smarthome Solution Giải Pháp Nhà Thông Minh ACIS 2024

Break-through Acis Smarthome Solution

Break-through Acis Smarthome solution

"Well-furnished - Safe - Economical” are three key elements that our Smarthome solution brings to you.”

With 9-year experience on the market and 4000 projects, Acis Smarthome is always confident to affirm the quality and deserve to be the symbol of Vietnamese technology. We offer the top modern technology which will turn your home into the top-class one.

We are distinctive

With wireless technology made by Acis, you would be able to enjoy a host of benefits that have been applied in projects and constructions on a nationwide scale.


Remote control

You and your family members can remotely control all the electrical devices in your house like lights, TV, air-conditioner etc. remotely with a phone/iPad with 3D interface of real images of rooms in your house. And not only that, Acis also expands to help you more conveniently managing control, searching for history and especially, notifying necessary information such as door opening/closing status, warranty policy, etc.

Timer and schedule

"Based on your daily routines, you can easily set up time to turn on/off devices without any worries. This feature schedules electrical appliances based on the day, month, year you set or even alternate timer. • 6:00 - 6:30: Open the water valve for tree watering • 22:00: Turn off kitchen light bulb, open balcony light bulb..."

Convenient scene

Convenient scene, which means only with 1 touch, you can control simultaneously all different devices in your house, both on switches and phone. For example, with the scene “Welcome guests”, all the living room lights will be turned on, the TV off, the curtain opened and the air-conditioner turned on. You would not need much time to do those tasks.

Control via voice

This feature allows you to control all electrical devices in your house via Vietnamese voice. You just need to command on / off, adjust any devices you want through the smart speaker. Especially, via voice, you also can activate scenes.
Besides, with this feature, you will be able to discover and experience lots of other utilities.


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