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Acis Smart home - A solution for a simple life

Our Smart homes have the automatic intercommunication among appliances. Now you can simplify daily routine in your house with connected devices (phones, computers, tablets, or even voice,...). Not only control a single device, Acis Smart homes also manage different devices simultaneously with contextual features in the scenarios.

Diversity of products -
Professional services

Our smart devices apply the wireless communication technology through Acis's proprietary technology. Besides, we also have 100% autonomy in technology and production to launch diverse product models that could be tailor-made solutions to your home.

Acis smart home solutions

Hệ thống ánh sáng
thông minh

Điều khiển điều hòa –
TV thông minh

Rèm tự động
thông minh

Giải pháp an ninh
báo trộm

Âm thanh
giải trí

Giải pháp

Tưới cây
thông minh

Giải pháp khóa cửa
thông minh

Giải pháp chuông cửa
màn hình

Acis - Smart Home Brand from Vietnamese

We are proud to be a pioneer, owning 100% of Vietnamese technology and self-control in the production. We bring the ""Smart home solutions"" that meet your needs and fit your home. Let Acis latest technology fills your home with the luxury modern and convenience.

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