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Making your home smarter

Acis smart home adapts to your life. Control all electrical devices from your smartphone, or get an early warning of breaking suddenly into the house. That's great ! You can take control, wherever you are.
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Product variety - Professional services

The product ecosystem meets diverse user needs with modern features, security and energy efficiency. Acis's smart home solutions uses proprietary wireless technology, automatically recovering if problems occurs during operation without adjustments or user intervention.
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Starting from the student of the University of Technology HCM, with the passion and ideal of "reaching out Vietnamese technology" in order to improve the quality of life.
After 11 years of research, with the desire to conquer, Acis Technology Corporation was established in 2012. We are one of the first companies to orient and deploy smart home to customers in Vietnam market.
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ACIS - Your Trusted Advisor in Home Automation

Acis always believe that a safe home is a happy home. No more worries about theft and fire. Anyone can understand and use it easily
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Create your own smart home !

The most valuable of smart home bring to is emotion. It makes you enjoy everyday life & relax your mind.
Convenience and smart features make you proud, proud of your home.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

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1With the buildings / buildings 4-5 floors, whether the central set of ACIS is enough broadcast to the floor way too far?
- Each ACIS switch is capable of repeater - each wave can be transmitted to each other, so the central unit can be any floor, just each floor has an ACIS switch that can be controlled from floor 1 to floor 50 ... - Two switches can communicate two floors (eg 1 and 3), but it is best to have a switch on the second floor as the intermediate relay, to ensure the connection is stable.
2After using the ACIS Intelligent System, what happens to the problem and problems later, and how will the complex repair and maintenance affect the life of the homeowner's family?
- This is the general psychology of the majority of Customers. Because most intelligent control systems are very complex today. You have to wire from the beginning, gathering in the central cabinet, only made for the new building. In that system, if a device malfunctions the whole system is affected. - ACIS uses wireless technology, the simple implementation is to replace the mechanical switches in the home to the sensor switch. If there is no central unit, each switch is independent of one another, and the switch has a short-circuit. - If you later move to another house, just remove, take over the new home, buy the switch to the old house for the old. That is, almost no dependence on the Product or technology at all
3Can EASYCONTROL be integrated with other technology products?
- Sensor - Sensor: one RE4 port (via power supply) can be used to set the operating time for these sensors (6pm - 6am), daylight enough so no need to turn on the lights automatically. up / down stairs, out into the garage, toilet ... - Camera: Link to control software of ACIS under link on the internet (currently only supported on windows), so no need to worry about wires, it completely wires independent of ACIS products. - Burglar Alarm: ACIS has built-in module to help burglar alarm with ACIS. When there are intruders, in addition to whistling and telephone notify him, the system automatically turn on all the lights in the yard in the yard, so you can check everything through the camera and promptly call the helpers. help - Curtains, Doors: If the house has a motorized blind, remote control, then ACIS will help you control the Curtain / Door through the software on the phone, tablet ... - ivi, air conditioning: the house is using the TV and air conditioning, remote control by the ACIS will help you to put remote interface TV, air conditioner, audio head on the mobile device. You can open the air conditioner before 10 minutes, or adjust to your favorite TV channel, before you go home.
4What is the output of each switch channel? Are there any controls for the heavy equipment such as motors, air conditioners?
Each switch channel has a load capacity of 5A, corresponding to 1000W (with an average of 220V). If you want to use the switch to control off / open motors, Air Conditioners, cookers, .... It is necessary to use an additional 1 Le contactor cushion or contactor to about 20A = 4000W (refer to the principle diagram below) Three-phase power can use Contactor to mediate control
5Does EASYCONTROL's product just control the lights?
The Easy Control solution now includes a number of discrete products with a variety of features, including an ON / OFF touch panel, one channel capable of powering a group of devices under 5A, If you want to control the power of large appliances such as air conditioner, washing machine, electric stove, etc., just use a paddle relay. So you can use this panel for all electrical appliances in the house. ACIS also offers other products that allow you to control your TV, air conditioner, curtain, door, burglar connection, etc. to help you control more devices.

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