What Smart Devices Does Acis smart home Have?Controls To What?

What Smart Devices Does Acis smart home Have?Controls To What? 2

Acis smart home is a prominent brand in the Vietnam market for nearly 10 years. The solution aims to be simple and convenient, helping people control every electrical device in the house easily. So what smart home devices do we have? Controls to what? 

1. What smart devices does Acis have?

Acis products are diverse, meeting most user needs. Currently, the company is providing 6 products:


Includes 2 types of rectangular and square designs,  including 4 or 6 touch buttons. Smart switches are not only modern but also Acis towards products suitable for all types of houses, beautiful on all architectures. The product is designed according to the standard size, uses 220VAC voltage, and wireless communication can easily replace the contactor. A smart switch is designed to integrate the control button “context” to make the control extremely simple.

What Smart Devices Does Acis smart home Have?Controls To What? 3

Wireless smart infrared controlled

Televisions, fans, air conditioners, … are familiar devices in every family. And need a remote using infrared signals to control them. To save time, no more searching for the corresponding controller, using the Acis IR infrared controller. All devices are quickly controlled with just one touch on the IHome app.

Control curtain motor, gate motor,...

If you feel extremely tired each time you close the curtain and close / open the gate. Why not think of Acis smart home. Acis’s DC smart device will automate the curtains and gates so you do not have to spend much effort to control as you like. In particular, you can schedule for curtains to open in the morning and the gate ready when you get home from work. Great!

Handheld wireless remote

No more searching for remote whenever you want to control. And surprisingly it’s too much to use. Just one Acis’s remote for all controls. Acis’s remote is designed to integrate contextual keys, so the control becomes extremely simple …

Wireless alarm linker 

Ensuring the security of the house at the maximum level, helping you feel secure every trip, going to work. Use Acis ALE in combination with a burglar alarm. The product has the function of linking other systems such as burglar alarm systems, fire alarms with smart home systems, helping increase the protection for people and property.


The hub is the brain of the house, has the function of connecting to the internet, storing context settings, timers … The device is a compact design with an LCD screen, wireless communication, easy to manipulate, and has to be placed anywhere in the house.

What Smart Devices Does Acis smart home Have?Controls To What? 4

2. What devices does Acis smart home control in the home?

Acis smart home solution can control 14 equipment systems in the house, bringing the most complete and wonderful experience.

14 equipment systems that Acis can control
Equipment systems Smart Devices
Lighting  Smart switch: Re Oled, Re Rec, SSW Rec, SSW SQ
Tivi, Air -conditioner,…  IR Rec, Ir Cir
The fan has an infrared remote IR Rec, Ir Cir
Fan does not have infrared remote, low power Smart switch: Re Oled, Re Rec, SSW Rec, SSW SQ
Curtains DC Rec
Gate, rolling door DC Rec
Video Doorbell Electric lock by DC Rec
Security system burglar alarm Wireless alarm linker Ale
Fire alarm system Wireless alarm linker Ale
Controlling water pumps and aquariums Wireless alarm linker Ale + contactor
Magnetic lock, Fingerprint lock have remote, Integrated control by DC Rec
Control the power of the outlet, heater Control power by smart switch + contactor
Multi-zone audio equipment depending on the brand
Stair sensor, Toilet operate independently, but can control 2 modes with smart switches

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