Ho Chi Minh


Villa’s Mr Xuan Binh Tan Dist,HCM – Smarthome ACIS

Mr Xuân villas at Binh Tan District – HCM. Be adviced about the benefits of smart home ACIS bring to each member of the family, Homeowners see the practical utility gives family life and decided to install in some areas before where families often use as a living room and kitchen area. After the period of actual use, the landlord saw the benefits and necessities should have decided to invest in expanding its entire apartment. Safety and energy, to create self-consciousness for children Mr Xuan share, his wife combine work and housework and caring for children. Every morning I make breakfast for the family, prepare supplies and clothes for the children …, sometimes forget to turn off the cooking equipment or forget withdrew the iron after use. And usually that remind children of watching TV regulations and wake up the morning is very difficult. After deploying the smart solution ACIS, his wife share, she felt complete […]
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