See the unique villa in ACIS SmartHome project in Nha Trang

ACIS SmartHome project at the villa of Mr Nhan – Phuoc Long urban area (Nha Trang)
Sống ‘chất với smart home ACIS’ tại Đà Nẵng

Mr. Hai’s unique villa is designed in the trend of minimalist, modern with elegant features with white tone combined with dark brown wood window. The whole interior of the house is carefully selected by Mr. Hai, one side of the villa completely use glass to create spacious and spacious space, the color of natural wood furniture, lighting system arranged reasonably. With ACIS SmartHome’s new black rectangular touch panel switchboard, you can create a great living space.

Just a simple operation on a cell phone or tablet, Mr. Hai can control all the electrical equipment in the house without going to each place. Instead of turning on / off each switch, perfect contextual scripts will be executed with just one key press. In addition, Mr. Hai also save a lot of time when it can control, install the timer electrical appliances in the home from anywhere in the world.

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The utilities that the ACIS smart home bring so great, you imagine every morning, the curtains automatically pull out to the morning sunshine, a soft melodious music sounded your favorite song … is wonderful thing. After setting this scene for the living room of the villa, he was extremely impressed and excited about this feature.

Setting up context, scheduling, and scheduling not only helps homeowners to skip a lot of time, but it’s also important for family members to welcome new days with new emotions. strange and interesting with the ACIS smart home appliance.

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This work is done by the distributor of ACIS in Nha Trang (VDC Telecommunication Services Co., Ltd). If you want to own a comfortable house like this, please contact hotline: 0903599007 – 0913124007 ( Mrs.Opp). ACIS is always ready to assist you.

Investor: Anh Hai – Villa Habor Nha Trang

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